WeightLifting Straps – Red


We’ve created a strap that accommodates both male and female gym enthusiasts. These straps have a thickness that combines durability and improves grip for men and women with smaller hands (allows for greater leverage).

The benefits of weightlifting straps in powerlifting and strength training

Weightlifting straps can be of fantastic benefit for both powerlifting and hypertrophy training. It’s an important tool for athletes to keep on hand, especially when their priority is strength and muscular growth.

What is the purpose of this tool

The primary function is to assist the lifter’s grip on the given piece of equipment such as a barbell, a dumbbell or machine. They ensure that the hand, forearm or biceps are not over engaged when performing any kind of pulling movement, thus making way for the primary muscle during pulling movements (the back) to take over and develop.

Benefits of powerlifting

Most powerlifters know, power bars are quite unforgiving on the hands, especially when deadlifting hook grip or double overhand for repeat sets and repetitions. Lifting straps not only decrease the pain on the hands when performing reps but can ensure that position and technique remain unchanged even when grip gives out, thus prioritizing motor pattern and still allowing for the lifter to get the necessary volume into progress. Though this is a huge benefit, the athlete must ensure that the straps are set correctly to mimic the movement perfectly.

Benefits of hypertrophy

For hypertrophy-style training, straps can be fantastic when undergoing pulling movements. Often lifters don’t reach near true muscular failure simply because their grip starts to give out. This limits the amount of stimulus they are exposed to and thus limits their potential to grow muscle. Straps can help with this. Straps eliminate the grip element when undergoing a pulling exercise, such as a seated row, and reduce the tension placed upon the forearm and biceps, thus allowing the lifter to continue repetitions until they reach the actual stimulus required for muscle growth and development.




– Gender: unisex
– Length: 55cm
– Material: cotton
– Size: one size fits all

Additional information

Weight 83 g
Dimensions 19.5 × 11.5 × 2.5 cm

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